Provide visual and thermal comfort to the crew with SEASHADE® blinds

Effective Glare, Heat and UV protection

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We are specialised in Navigation Retractable Roller Solar Blinds adapted for MARINE, AVIATION, OFFSHORE, ONSHORE.

SEASHADE blinds are modelled on a fast, and modern production using the very best quality material.

Worldwide distribution. Customer are treated with individual care and attention.

Retractable Solar Blinds. Versatile, durable, easy to use and install.

We have worked with professionals of the maritime industry since 1990

Our blinds have been successfully used for various applications from commercial or military ships to airport control towers.

Why Choose seashade's Blinds

Navigation Safety

They improve the security of the ship pilots, officers and crew or passengers.

Improve Crew Comfort

They improve the work environment and create ideal conditions on the vessel for everyone on board.

Marine Legislation

All Sheashade blinds are ideal solutions that comply with the marine legislation.


Reduce the need for air-conditioning. Lower the CO2 emissions. Contribute to a greener, cleaner environment.

5 years Warranty

All Seashade blinds benefits from a 5 years warranty.

Tested Before Shipping

Each items are assembled by hand. Every order are tested before each shipment by an experienced team.

An Ideal Solution

With the installation of Seashade Blinds comes along safety, monetary and environmental benefits.


The demands of improved safety in marine industry increase considerably. Installation of retractable sunscreens for navigation windows is now recommended for most new boat constructions and renovation.

All blinds improve the heat balance of the rooms and reduce the need for air-conditioning. They reduce maintenance and energy costs which leads to a financial benefit for ship owners and operators.

seashade's Blinds

Seashade blinds are vital navigation safety aid and provide visual as well as thermal comfort.

Seashade blinds can be installed in any window shape and any situation and configuration (wall or ceiling mounting) even inclined surfaces (up to 30º-35º inclination).

They are made of the best components and materials adapted to withstand extreme sea conditions and to retard flames in case of a fire (fire resistance M1).

Different blinds for different needs

* Different structure types, mechanisms and colors available


Glare and radiation protection while keeping perfect through visibility.

Designed for ship bridges and control station.

Total Block

Protection from the heat, total darkness or simply more privacy.

Designed for cabins and communal spaces.

M2 covered
energy saved kW/d

What Our Clients Say

The customer experience and satisfaction is priority number one of SEASHADE®

We spec roller solar blinds on all our projects. Seashade offers a quality, aesthetic and easy to install product, which is exactly what we are looking for. The great customer services was also a major parameter in our decision to recommend Seashade blinds to our interior designers.
Iñigo Oliver
Naval architect - Project manager
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I have been working in the naval industry since 2013 and I highly recommend equipping ships with solar blinds to improve safety and comfort onboard while complying with marine legislation. Seashade blinds are a perfect solution. Not only the quality of the product but also the customer service make Seashade an excellent choice if you choose to install or replace your vessel solar protection.
Michele Ravegnani
Fleet Superintendent

Our Expert Team

Passionate and dynamic team. With our experience in the maritime sector, we will be able to fulfil all your needs. We work in a fast and efficient manner to assure the quality of our products as well as your satisfaction.

Seashade President & Naval architect

Francesco Chiviló

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